Senior Machine Learning Software Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom


At Longshot Systems we’re building advanced platforms for sports betting analytics and trading.

Our core systems handle thousands of trading signals per second, all of which must be processed and potentially acted upon with minimal latency. We have similar problems and constraints to high frequency trading shops, but in the sports betting world.

You'd be working closely with the CEO to design, test and implement new high frequency sports betting software based on machine learning models for our clients. Due to us being a small startup the role suits someone who wants to be involved in all aspects of the software development process, from high-level design, business requirement gathering and feasibility studying through to writing the code to implement the software in production and preparing the necessary operational documentation. Our machine learning stack is Python based and communicates with our core infrastructure, written in Golang, by RPC; you’ll be working on the Python stack and knowledge of Golang or RPC isn’t required. We also work with Postgres (SQL) databases, for which you’ll be responsible for maintaining the database structures related to the strategy software. You’ll examine our existing software stack and determine the requirements for future software development to maximise strategy performance.

The ideal candidate will be highly creative and enjoy generating new, innovate ways to tackle problems and suggesting improvements to existing methodologies; you'll have a high level of autonomy to develop whichever methods you felt would be best suited to the problem at hand. A strong mathematical understanding of the fundamentals of Machine Learning is very important for this role and must have experience in doing software development on cutting-edge models either in industry or academia.

You'll be supported by our platform team who you'll work with to design and build out the tooling and infrastructure you need to support your software development.

Our office is based in Marylebone, London.

Closing Date For Applications: 2nd August 2017


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